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December 10, 2012

MovableType Upgrading

This site runs MovableType and was at 3.2 for a long while. I've recently started some new blogs and I've been running Wordpress. So far I'm really impressed with Wordpress and it's administrative interfaces and the CMS capabilities it exposes.

In an attempt to keep on using MovableType I'm upgrading this blog to the very latest. Quite a troublesome undertaking. Apparently I need to upgrade in the following order.

  1. 3.32

  2. 3.38

  3. 4.x (Latest Stable)

  4. 5.x (Latest Stable)

Wow! Also, I've spent the last day just trying to upgrade from 3.2 to 3.32. Apparently FileZilla has some difficulty transferring data to my hosting companies servers. Well, that and I needed to change some default settings in order for MT to like the installation. For example, I needed to set the charset for filenames from UTF-8 to ASCII and set the default transfer to ASCII instead of auto-detect. Not to mention the permissions updates. I'm pretty certain I didn't need to change the filename charset, but it was part fo the magic formula.

Hopefully the other upgrades will go faster/easier.

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December 9, 2012

Something Magical Happened...

No idea what engine finally picked this blog up, but I've been getting loads of spam comments. It started on 19 Nov 2012 and has been pretty steady since then. They all look like either translated English or Cyrillic, but not many of them make sense. It may be auto-generated content using something like SCIgen, but they all follow some basic patterns. I've blown away all the current junk, but I think I'll hold on to anything new and generate some statistics from it. Look for that in a future article.

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