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August 29, 2007

Movable Type

It's weird that I've been so busy lately with so many things "up in the air". I'm just waiting for one of them to land on my head. For instance I didn't even know there was a MT 4.0 [movabletype.org] out! It definitely looks cool, but a few bullet points stuck out at me

  • Support for publishing standalone pages that automatically use blog templates and designs
  • Built-in cross-blog aggregation: Publish pages that include data from some, all, or just one of your blogs
  • Cross-blog management of entries, authors, comments, and community

What does this mean? Well, I think it means that MT is more of a Content Management System (CMS) now than a simple blogging platform. Also exciting is the cross-blog stuff. I tried cross-blog entries a while back, but in the MT 3.2/3.3 days there was just no good solution, glad to see it's in their core now.

Now the real question: Will I use it? No, probably not. Maybe for new sites, but for this one I have it configured just the way I like it. I remember upgrading from MT 3.1 (3.0?) to 3.2 and I had to redo all my templates because they wouldn't work and integrate some new stuff into my templates to make them compliant, don't ask what exactly because it feels like a lifetime ago. Do I want that pain again? No. However, if I was doing a site re-design or setting up a new site then I would definitely consider it.

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