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January 11, 2007

Top o' the Mornin to You

Cocaine contaminates Irish euros [bbc.co.uk]: Who said the Irish don't know how to party? I'm thinking about taking a trip out there to visit with my sister for St. Patrick's Day and now I know it'll feel just like home in CT ;-)

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January 3, 2007

Server Side Eclipse: Part 2

Okay, I finally read the article from yesterday about server side OSGI frameworks. There were 3 approaches presented, 1 traditional and 2 proposed:

  1. Traditional web application server structure
  2. Embedding Equinox in an existing application container
  3. Embedding an application container in Equinox

Of course, the interesting approaches are the proposed ones. Approach 2 uses a more traditional J2EE metaphor where approach 3 breaks the mold and proposes one server per application. I don't think the one server per web application is probably the best or most efficient way to go. Also it has the potential to not scale well or fit in with existing enterprise architectures. Sure it's novel, but it's probably only an answer for personal servers.

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January 2, 2007

Server Side Eclipse

Eclipse, Equinox and OSGI [theserverside.com]: Finally an article discussing a potential server side implementation of the OSGI framework. Personally I think this is where OSGI will shine as opposed to Eclipse. On the desktop I've tried to write a straight OSGI application using Equinox, but deployment and packaging issues stopped me. In the end I needed to host my OSGI bundles within an Eclipse client.

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