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December 17, 2006

Java 6 is Catching Up

Webservices in JDK 6 [java.net]: It seems that Java is almost caught up to .NET's web services implementation. Now annotations can be used to define web services instead of having to use the previous kludgy stuff.

However, I'm still annoyed that there is an additional step in compiling these web services, namely apt. Sure this can be easily incorporated into ant or something, but just the fact that apt needs to be run is crap.

Sun probably went wrong with Java when they first offered it as pretty much just a command line thing. Once they started adding serious GUI elements (Swing) they should have released Java as only a development environment where you could use the command line tools if you wanted to. This is what Microsoft did with their development tools and IMHO there's much more productivity within their IDEs.

When I first started using C# (via Visual Studio) creating and consuming web services was no big deal. Then when I tried to do similar things with Java there was no consistent story, no standard way of doing things. Therefore all the example's and tutorials were spread across every different implementation or technique never painting a complete picture.

Posted by Guy at December 17, 2006 2:57 PM