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September 13, 2006

iTunes 7

iTunes 7 [apple.com]: This was released yesterday (or the day before) and overall I'm so-so about the whole thing. There are some cool new features, specifically the Coverflow cum Cover Browser view. I like the new iPod status view also, it's a lot more informative. And yes, the sidebar is better laid out than previous versions.

Now for the cons. So far I've only experienced two problems, one minor the other major. The minor one has to do with album art. For whatever reason iTunes couldn't (or wouldn't) pick up art for a lot of songs. So I spent about 2 hours adding album art (mostly from Amazon [amazon.com]) and correcting a lot of the metadata problems I had. The major problem I'm running into is iTunes not using my left speaker. What? Yes, iTunes will drop my left channel very frequently. At first I thought it was a loose cable, but Guild Wars [guildwars.com] confirmed my speakers were working just fine. I'm also able to play sounds via my left speaker while iTunes is playing on the right/ignoring the left. However, I do have a crappy workaround, pause the song and then hit play. Apparently this will poke iTunes into picking pu the left channel.

Bad Apple!

Posted by Guy at September 13, 2006 10:57 PM