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May 21, 2006

Shadow Internet

I wonder how many people know about the "shadow" internets there are around the world? Talking just US-only defense networks there are 3 major ones, each one with their own classification. It starts with NIPRNET [wikipedia.org]. This is the lowest classification for things that are sensitive, but unclassified (SBU). This network actually has gateways to the internet so a user on NIPRNET should be able to access all internet resources.
The next classification is secret, enter the SIPRNET [wikipedia.org]. This network is for classifications up to secret and is what most of the DoD uses.
After that is JWICS [wikipedia.org], the top secret network. Actually it's SCI [wikipedia.org], not just top secret. This is what most of the Intelligence Community and intel-related DoD users use.
Each of these networks is supposed to be air-gapped from each other, but they do everything the normal internet does. There are websites, email, IM, blogs, wikis, you name it. A user can access these networks (I'm guessing) from almost anywhere in the world.
Interesting that the internet is so powerful it has been replicated like this in these shadow internets.

Posted by Guy at May 21, 2006 8:45 AM