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May 25, 2006

New Microsoft Madness

Microsoft shows off JPEG rival [news.com.com]:

This has got the be the crappiest thing I've seen in a while. Not because it's MS, but because it's MS. Let me explain, I don't have anything against MS, in fact I would probably apply for a job with them if I was moving to the Pacific Northwest. However, they have been known to put some realy crappy DRM controls into their media file formats. Am I anti-DRM? Yes. Am I anti-big business? No. It's quite the conumdrum, I confuse a lot of people.

I just think that DRM creates more problems then it solves. Is there DRM in most of the CDs sold throughout the world? No. Have album sales truly suffered? I really don't think so. How about DVDs? Are DVD sales "down" because of rampant piracy or maybe because services like Netflix make renting so easy it's not worth buying a movie when it comes out?

I'm a fan of better technology, but not when those technologies are hindered by other technologies.

Posted by Guy at May 25, 2006 9:58 PM