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January 11, 2006

WebCleaner Proxy

As some of you know I've been searching for a good "personal" proxy that would filter the web for me (removing advertisements, etc.). So far I've analyzed

  • Squid
  • and AnalogX

Of the both of them only Squid performed the filtering functions, but administration was complex and CPU usage sometimes spiked.

The latest proxy that I tested was WebCleaner [sourceforge.net]. At first I had some trouble just installing it, turns out that it depends on Python 2.4 (had it installed) and the Python win32 extensions (didn't know I needed it). After all the dependencies were installed everything was peachy-keen.

The web interface was phenomenal and allowed a plethora of configuration options. It was truly impressive! I then fired up SwitchProxy for FireFox and entered in the info. And after some testing I'm sad to say that it just didn't quite work that well for me.

Specifically, it failed when I was opening lot's of pages at the same time. What I'll do is open an entire FireFox bookmark folder in tabs at one time. This creates a lot of simultaneous connections all hitting the proxy at the same time. I think WebCleaner just couldn't handle that many connections becuase I got proxy connection errors from FireFox, something to the effect of "Proxy refused connection".

The search continues.

Posted by Guy at January 11, 2006 6:42 PM