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January 9, 2006

Quality over Quantity

The Philadelphia Inquirer had an interesting piece [philly.com] on the comparison of China's, India's and the US' graduating engineers. The first quote that jumped out at me was:

The Duke engineering-student study, led by executive-in-residence Vivek Wadhwa and sociology professor Gary Gereffi, performed a detailed analysis of the kinds of "engineers" counted in the numbers from India, and they found that in addition to four-year baccalaureate degrees, these numbers contain a significant number of three-year, sub-baccalaureate degrees.

So my painful five-year degree is commensurate with a three-year degree in technology? Hmm, makes me wonder... The next quote is even more funny:

The researchers were not able to verify the same detailed breakdown for students graduating from Chinese universities. According to the Chinese Ministry of Education, however, any bachelor's degree or "short-cycle" degree with "engineering" in its title is counted, regardless of the degree's field, or academic rigor associated with it.

Okay, so now my five-year degree in computer engineering counts the same as a three-year degree in basket engineering. I love how other countries graduation numbers can be misrepresented to make the US look bad and feed the FUD [wikipedia.org].

Posted by Guy at January 9, 2006 7:45 PM