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January 25, 2006

Portable Desktop

I guess I should write a small blurb on just what Codename:Hydrogen is, so here you go. Hydrogen is a cross between all the portable apps that are out there and Portable CE [furrygoat.com]. The concept is that Hydrogen is a portable desktop or virtual machine that you can take with you anywhere on some form of portable storage, i.e. flash drive, USB hard drive, etc.

What this brings to the table is a truly portable computing experience that doesn't rely on USB booting or running resource-intensive virtual machines. Also, it will have an encrypted virtual file system so even if it gets lost your data is reasonably well protected.

Why I thought I should make this announcement now is because eyeOS [eyeos.org] is getting some attention right now and I'm just waiting for some genius to put two and two together and say why can't I run eyeOS under Portable Firefox [portableapps.com]? Well, you probably can, but I think the capabilities are limited since eyeOS doesn't own the container [gadgetopia.com].

Posted by Guy at January 25, 2006 3:59 PM