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December 16, 2005

Time to Get a Life

There is no such thing as time. There I've said it, but bear with me here. The commonly accepted definition of the past is that which has happened before the present. The future has an analugous commonly accepted definition as that which has yet to happen after the present. And completing the trifecta is the commonly accepted definition of the present, which is the current moment or, more specifically, now.

So these are the three definitions that codify time, right? It seems that the definitions of past and future hinge on the definition of present, such that the very definition of present can be incorporated into the definitions of past an future. What if there was no such thing as the present? Given these commonly accepted definitions then the answer is no.

How can we get rid of the present? Simple, just try and rationalize what a moment is or specifically a point in time. Is a second a moment? No, because that can be split into milliseconds, which in turn can be split into nanoseconds which themselves can be split into (I think) femtoseconds and so on and so on. At what point can someone say that it is indeed the present? Time is immeasurable due to it's infinitely splittable nature. Accepting this premise allows one to see that there is no such thing as the present, thus no past or future.

Personally I think the quick fix is to say there is no such thing as the present, but only the future and the past. Of course the definitions would have to be altered to reflect a more cyclical relationship.

And no, I've never done any drugs before in my life (unless beer counts).

Posted by Guy at December 16, 2005 3:58 PM