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December 7, 2005


So there's this article [cio.com] on CIO.com that says the whole thought that there's a lack of IT jobs is a total misconception. Okay, there might be more IT jobs that there have been in the past, but I think that the IT sector as a whole has become more granular than ever. For example, back in 2000 I was offered a job as a glorified IT manager for Citibank. Of course my degree was in Computer Engineering, but that didn't make a difference because they just wanted a "technical" person. Now that same position wouldn't even be considered to an engineer but would go to someone who has a degree in Information Technology or a related field. I think one of the biggest reasons for this granularity in the job market is smarter management and smarter human resources. Now when a manager asks for an applications developer they'll get someone who can develop in a language like C++, Java or C#, not a Perl Monger [pm.org] or VB Junkie.

Posted by Guy at December 7, 2005 7:48 PM