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December 4, 2005

Human Computer Interface

A couple of days ago I read a really interesting article on HCI [intranetjournal.com], but their HCI was entitled Human-Centered Intranet (Design). At my last job [rl.af.mil] we had a whole directorate developed to the study of human effectiveness [afrl.af.mil], so at least the Air Force thinks this stuff is important. I think the best stuff out of the article are two of the tips mentioned at the end.

  • The human mind works linearly, so organize content structures by context. Don't spread related information all over the screen, bury it under multiple levels, or interrupt it with other, less relevant content. This causes users to break their train of thought.
  • Arrange content to promote at-a-glance absorption. Layout should be arranged so that users can understand the context of the page with only a cursory glance.

I can definitely relate to these tips and I wish that more UI designers would take them to heart.

Posted by Guy at December 4, 2005 3:11 PM