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December 27, 2005

Harmonizing the Home: Part 2

Last time I blogged about my new Logitech Harmony H688 remote I wasn't that thrilled. Well, I'm happy to report that once everything was setup and tweaked it works like a champ! The problem that I was having last night was that the Logitech Harmony members website was under heavy usage and it wasn't reacting to well. I guess that a lot of people got Harmony remotes for Christmas. In fact tonight there were some heavy usage messages also, but at least once I logged in everything was fairly responsive. Really the only complaint I have about the website is that the web application does browser checks for a "compliant" browser and apparently Mozila Firefox is not one of these. So I switched to Internet Explorer and everything was okay.

Actually, once I was logged in and setting things up the hardest part was finding the model numbers for my components. In retrospect I do have one more complaint, the whole use of a website for configuration. It's good in that the device database can be updated and changes propagated in a relatively easy way, but bad in that you need internet access to change settings on your remote. I mean, if you just want to remove a command or update an activity then you shouldn't have to have an internet connection to be able to.

Other than that I just have a "Play Videogame" activity I need to setup and I'm done. Not too bad, but not for the faint of heart either.

TV: Samsung TSL2793HF
PVR: TiVo TCD140060
DVD: Samsung DVD-C631P
Remote: Logitech Harmony H688

Posted by Guy at December 27, 2005 10:49 PM