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December 28, 2005


I found something referenceing this [feedping.com] sometime last week and I've been wanting to blog about it. Apparently it's a service that will submit your site (or is it RSS feed?) to a variety of services, such as Feedster and Technorati. From the site itself

FeedPing.com is the brainchild of Matthew Stephens and Joey Mazzarelli. We started this site to fulfill a need for many of the new RSS developers who didn't own blogs. We believe that RSS is the future of Internet content syndication and felt obliged to help get the feeds out to the masses. So enjoy and if you have any feedback, please contact us. Thanks so much!

Well, what good is it? It's good for helping people find your content, which (theoretically) should increase your site's traffic and subscribers/users, if applicable. I've used Technorati and Feedster before, but I think this service really gets the word out.

Posted by Guy at December 28, 2005 10:55 PM