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July 20, 2005

Small Languages

I've always loved the smaller programming languages that never quite made it big time, i.e. used to create mainstream applications. The esoteric, the confusing, the pragmatic, the extremely low-level I like all of them for different reasons. However, I play with each of them then place them on the shelf and try to reproduce their best features in my work.

That being said, one type of language I never found much use for are the embedded languages. I first started playing with an embeddable language when Lua [lua.org] was released. It was fun, but I couldn't really use it for many practical things. Then Sleep [java.net] was announced a few days ago and I started reading more about some embeddable languages for Java. I guess technically these can be considered alternate languages for a JVM, but languages such as Groovy [codehaus.org] actually market themselves as JVM scripting languages.

Moral of this digression, use the best tool to get the job done, but make sure you can get the same tool in the future because it might break.

Posted by Guy at July 20, 2005 7:23 PM