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July 1, 2005

Ouch! Not Smart Anymore

Well, I had my wisdom teeth removed today, guess I'm not so wise anymore. 4 in 1 shot! So, instead of going back to work I'm just watching Office Space and encoding some anime that I ripped.

Speaking of ripping, I think I'll write a tutorial on the way I do it and send it to Doom9 [doom9.org], popular purveyors of all things ripping and encoding. It seems that a Nero tool works best for me so far as compared to Gordian Knot. Back in the day I was a big fan of Gordian Knot, but compared to Nero Vision Express - or is it NeroVision Express? Either way, it seems to work for me along with a couple of different codecs.

I really must applaud the Nero team for everything they've done for the industry of working with optical media. Their tools are always relatively easy to use, stable and error-free. A splendid and impressive combination.

Posted by Guy at July 1, 2005 4:27 PM