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July 14, 2005


I was thinking of getting a new car sometime in the next year or so and I was having touble deciding what to get, but I think I know now. Currently I'm pimping a Nissan Pathfinder and with a 35+ mile commute (each way) I'm really feeling the current oil crunch madness. Couple that with the relatively mild climate of Maryland thus negating the need of my 4x4 and I'm looking car. Of course my wife insists on a few features, otherwise she won't even consider driving it. There not stupid (cheap) things either like leather, CD-changer, etc. No, she wants something new, factory-new, with AWD.

Well, I've always liked VW so I figured I would give Passats a go. New 1.8 4Motion Passats weigh in at about $24k - $27k. The new models coming out for '06 start at around $29k - $30k (I think). Umm, that's a lot of money for something that will depreciate as soon as I take it off the lot. Long story short I was able to get my wife to make a concession, the vehicle doesn't need to be factory new.

With this new information in hand I crunched some more numbers. I knew I liked the Passat, but I didn't like the depreciable factory price. It wasn't the price that killed me, but the fact that I could lose so much money on it. I thought to myself, what about a high end Passat, the Audi A4? An A4 a couple of years out actually costs less than a new Passat! Sounds good to me, but the platform isn't without its faults. More on that later.

The moral, to avoid car depreciation get a car a couple of years out and you can also get something better than what you wanted.

Posted by Guy at July 14, 2005 11:34 AM