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June 6, 2005

Cheap Laptops: Part 2

After their old ThinkPad (circa 1998) finally dies my parents decided to buy something new to replace it. Obviously it had to be a laptop, but battery life wasn't that much of an issue and neither was intense game playing. This machine was to be used for word processing, light gaming (casino-like games) and internet surfing. I pointed them at my older article on cheap laptops [lunaflare.net] and they thought that the prices sounded about right, but they needed a larger screen.

I pointed them at the model with the larger screen [walmart.com] telling them that it had the same features as the other ones, including a reasonable price, but it had a 15" screen. Of course this model also has a faster processor and double the RAM, but I was going to drop more RAM in it anyways, so that wasn't a real factor. I found some additional reviews of these systems and thought I should link to them here [larwe.com] and here [lostsonsvault.org].

We'll see how many calls I get about this. ;)

Posted by Guy at June 6, 2005 11:07 PM