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June 21, 2005


If you were here a couple of months ago you would have seen some Google ads on the sidebar. Well, that didn't last too long. Apparently Google killed my AdSense account because of violation of the TOS. Unfortunately, it really was my fault. I was trying to figure out what everything meant, how it worked, etc so I tried clicking on the ads myself a couple of times. Whoops! Google is quite draconian in killing accounts for any violation and sometimes even when there isn't a violation.

Turns out that lots of people have been stiffed by Google before they were going to recieve their first payouts. On one message board some guy had said that he was up to $200USD and then Google disabled his account and refused to pay up!

Normally when dealing with a company like Google ("Do no evil") I would be reluctant to believe this persons story, however, I contacted Google via email and explained to them what happened and tried to appeal to the sane part of management and all I got back from them were snippets of the TOS. It felt totally automated to me. Because of these experiences I led more credence to this individuals story. And then I found others. Lot's of similar stories each time Google couldn't or more probably wouldn't acknowledge that these were honest people. In fact, someone is trying to get together a class action lawsuit against Google and their nefarious AdSense practices.

There is a shining beacon though. Yahoo Publishing Network (YPN) is set to launch a contextual ad affiliate service similar to Google's AdSense. More can be found in Waxy's archives [waxy.org]. For those who can't wait, there is BlogAds [blogads.com] and Advertising.com [advertising.com]. Not to mention a co-op advertising network [digitalpoint.com] run by Digital Point Solutions.

Posted by Guy at June 21, 2005 12:59 PM