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April 27, 2005

Stupidity (aka Script Kiddie mantra)

Man, this guy was dumb. I found this IRC transcript [jellyslab.com] and immediately thought of some kids that I went to college with. They were almost as incompetent as this guy, but not quite.

However, I did get a sad feeling when this guy was trying to be malicious and calling himself a hacker. Unfortunately lots of people, the fright-inspiring media especially, confuse what a hacker really is. I mean there's hackers, crackers, phreakers and script kiddies just to name a few of the subcultures associated with computers. Each brings something different to the table, but by far the worst are the script kiddies. I can't stand these people! I don't know if they realize that their actions however "kewl" they think they are do nothing but hurt the image af real hackers and feed the media with the crap that they then sell to the public.

Posted by Guy at April 27, 2005 7:38 AM