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April 24, 2005

Graphical Interface

I'm still unsettled about what to use for the main interface of the multimedia system. I thought about using PyGame [pygame.org], but I really don't know much about Python. I've taken a quick look at it and it seems a really simple structured language, but I think I want something I'm more familiar with. Also, something that has a little more flexibility.

Assuming that PyGame is not being used then I might as well use SDL [libsdl.org]. This is what PyGame uses under the covers and I've played with it in the past. I did find something interesting when creating some test programs. Under Gentoo (at least the invarnation I'm running) you must initialize the Event Thread by passing in SDL_INIT_EVENTTHREAD to SDL_Init. When I checked the docs there was no real mention of this flag except that it didn't work under Win32 (I think).

Well, back to creating graphics and testing SDL functionality.

Posted by Guy at April 24, 2005 4:09 PM